When it's Time for a Real Escape.

Omar Soliman & Charles Grant

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There are thousands of couples fantasising about affordable luxury escapes. Ad opens on a mid-late 40’s Couple. Classical music commences Wind is blowing the couples hair in slow motion. We see the green leaves framing the screen also gently buffeting in what we presume is an ocean breeze. Cut to a slow mo spray of sun lotion as she sprays onto his back. Their faces blissful, they look as if in heaven. Suddenly music is interrupted by their panting dog! Cut to side on view showing family dog with cocked head looking at the couple. Couple are actually in the corner of their living room The blue sky was in fact the blue of the wall They have a sun spotlight above them The green leaves were pot plants on a chair being blown by an oscillating fan. We see quick cuts of glorious LE scenes. Voice over comes in: “When it’s time for a real escape, visit LuxuryEscapes.com Reprisal: Couple are back in the living room after putting the dog away attempting to live the moment again, however this time, the blue sheet in the corner drops off the wall.